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  • I can tell you whatever I want and it’s the truth

    I drew this picture of a flower in a vase. I drew it just for the sake of this blog post, but I’m not going to tell you that. Instead, I’m going to make up a story about it. I tell you that there is deep symbolism involved in […]

  • Galleria Kajaste, June 2016, Holopainen, Mayry and Descotils

    Three artists had their collections, or portions of them, shown in Kajaste. First one was this local artist Hanna Holopainen, with her monochromatic pollock-style abstract action-paintings. The second was this French photographer Vincent […]

  • The urban legend about an artist who killed a cat

    In Finland we have this urban legend about a crazy artist who killed a cat with an ax for his twisted artistic purposes. And he did not only kill the cat; he also masturbated over that dead cat's body and filmed the whole thing. Pretty […]