Paljon vanhaa, paljon itse tehtyä, ja joka huoneessa kaikki sateenkaaren värit. Elämää rintamamiestalossa kahden lapsen ja koiran kanssa.

  • Moomin Birthday And The Groke Cake

    Lue suomeksi / Read in Finnish Summer is a time for parties in our household as both myself and my younger kid have birthdays. I really enjoy having parties but as life is pretty full already, I try to make it as easy as possible. Since […]

  • Is Reykjavik THE CUTEST City in Europe?

    Lue suomeksi / Read in Finnish Last month we had the chance to spend a couple of nights in Reykjavik while traveling to the States. And simply put – it was amazing. Cute, adorable, charming, surprising. I had wanted to go there for a […]

  • DIY Playtent for Kids

    Lue suomeksi / Read in Finnish There’s still summer left! Panu made these playtents for the kids already some time ago. We have them in the living room, but in the heat of the summer you can also set them up on the patio or back […]