Paljon vanhaa, paljon itse tehtyä, ja joka huoneessa kaikki sateenkaaren värit. Elämää rintamamiestalossa kahden lapsen ja koiran kanssa.

  • Lego Ninjago Birthday party

    Lue suomeksi / Read in Finnish At the end of last year we celebrated my son’s 6th birthday. A big fan that he is, he wanted the theme to be Lego Ninjago. And that suited me, because the decorations we’re pretty easy and […]

  • Christmas Blues

    After a long and busy autumn Christmas is a time to relax. My goal is to do nothing, eat and sleep. I hope also your holidays are filled with the things you wish!       Related StoriesI’m Dreaming […]

  • Lovely Vintage Rug from Rozenkelim

    Lue suomeksi / Read in Finnish In the previous post I shared my top 5 tips for decorating with little or no money, now we are back to showcasing products. BUT this was a vintage item (to my defence). So we are still in the eco-friendly […]