Paljon vanhaa, paljon itse tehtyä, ja joka huoneessa kaikki sateenkaaren värit. Elämää rintamamiestalossa kahden lapsen ja koiran kanssa.

  • The Big 40

    Lue suomeksi / Read in Finnish It so happened that yours truly turned 40. Oh yes. The big 4-0. It did come with a minor crisis, not a midlife crisis, but an… age-related crisis. Maybe that’s part of the reason I wanted to […]

  • Embroidery And Other Art on The Moodboard

    Lue suomeksi / Read in Finnish Have you noticed there’s quite a lot of embroidery around these days. It’s a traditional craft I’m super happy to see make a come back. And in an amazing, contemporary way. I’ve seen […]

  • Colors And Eucalyptus in A Bouquet

    Lue suomeksi / Read in Finnish Here’s the flower bouquet I made (almost) ALL by myself at the flower workshop at Kukkakauppa Kanerva, that I mentioned in my last post. I must admit it wasn’t easy to do! Professionals make it […]