Paljon vanhaa, paljon itse tehtyä, ja joka huoneessa kaikki sateenkaaren värit. Elämää rintamamiestalossa kahden lapsen ja koiran kanssa.

  • 3 x Christmas Lights

    Lue suomeksi / Read in Finnish I’m not a huge Christmas aficionado but I hung Christmas lights, aka fairy lights, already at the beginning of November. Here in Finland it gets so dark in November a little bit of light is more than […]

  • DIY with kids: Hama beads Christmas ornaments

    Lue suomeksi / Read in Finnish One of the pleasures of maternity is the use of child labor. I myself am a big fan of Hama beads, but my kids love them even more. So, naturally, I made them craft us Christmas decorations. A 3- and a […]

  • DIY Candle Holders from Concrete And Copper Fittings

    Lue suomeksi / Read in Finnish I love the plumbing section at the hardware store, it’s so inspiring. Once again I was hanging out there, looking at all the beautiful copper plumber’s pipes and wondering what to do with them. I […]